Attending New York Fashion Week for the first time as a journalist, photographer, influencer, or fashion enthusiast?

Let 360 Baseline Movement be your guide with our master list of how to prepare for New York Fashion Week. So, grab your pen and paper because class is in session.

New York Fashion Week
Pavel Bendau + Dreamstime + Fashionstock

New York Fashion Week is rapidly approaching and the schedule is jam-packed with names we haven’t seen on the runway in years, Tommy Hilfiger and PUMA, along with new names like Bed on Water (seen on Chloe and Halle in Essense Magazine’s September issue). 

The official first day of NYFW starts Wednesday, September 7, and goes on until Wednesday, September 14. The week will include now only shows, but after parties to have you dancing until sunrise and when all else fails. Attendees strut down the streets of Manhattan like it’s their runway and a photographer is never far away.

If you’ve always dreamed of going to NYFW, attending is easier than you think, but you must act fast! With these tips, we’ll have you at your first NYFW in a New York minute! 

1. Secure Your Flight and Hotel

If you’ve been debating on attending NYFW procrastination time is over, now is the time to lock down your flight and hotel for fashion week before everything is booked or the price skyrockets. We’re assuming flights are pretty high right now if you don’t live in NYC so, consider doing a payment plan with Affirm or at least secure a one-way flight first and your return ticket later. For accommodations, we recommend trying to stay in the Financial District of Manhattan to preserve costs. That is the southern tip of Manhattan and some of the hotels in that area are modern, updated, and generally affordable (depending on your budget). 

New York Hilton Hotel
Tupungato + Dreamstime

2. Get Your Schedule Together 

If you haven’t already, do some research on the public relations teams representing the brands and shows you want to attend and reach out to them (preferably by email). Come prepared with a short but sweet pitch introducing yourself and why you would like to attend the show. Make sure to mention if you are an influencer, blogger, journalist, etc., and what content you plan on capturing for the show. NYFW is all about showcasing designers’ latest collections, networking, leaving an impact, and allowing the audience to also spread the news to their networks so, any extra way to express to PR companies why your attendance is valuable can lead you in the right direction to securing an invite to a show (and maybe even the after-party). 


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New York Fashion Week
New York Fashion Week Schedule 2022

3. Look Out For Shows That Aren’t On The Schedule 

There are tons of shows happening around NYC so, don’t strictly pay attention to what is on the official schedule. Check Eventbrite or type in “NYFW shows” into Google and get your tickets to other shows that are equally just as good. Also, make sure to check out our article on what shows we recommended you attend this year. 

New York Fashion Week
Littleny +

4. Get Your Outfit Together 

This is where the fun begins! Go on Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok and gather your information on what aesthetic you want to wear for NYFW. Don’t stress! Pull items from your closet, go thrifting, reach out to your favorite up-and-coming designers and see if they are open to you wearing one of their pieces to NYFW. Show up for yourself as yourself and walk into every room and on the street with confidence. 

New York Fashion Week
Monkey Business Images + Dreamstime

5. No Invite? Hit the Streets

Just because you didn’t get an invite to an NYFW show doesn’t mean you can’t hit the streets! Honestly, street fashion is just as important as the looks seen on the runway. What people wear to NYFW also nods to what looks we’ll see for the remainder of the fall/winter season. Get your content creator friend, bring a tripod and get to creating! You never know what photographer is around to capture your look. It might be us! 

New York Fashion Week
Monkey Business Images
+ Dreamstime


Sarai Thompson

Sarai Thompson is a multi-hyphenate digital content creator, social media coordinator, photographer, and event planner with a specialty in topics surrounding fashion and beauty. Sarai has written for publications such as, CNN, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Popsugar, Medium, Seriess Magazine and more. She received her B.A. in English with a concentration in creative writing and a minor in Journalism from Georgia State University along with an M.A. in Magazine, Newspaper and Digital Journalism from the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.

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