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In The Latest Entertainment News For Rapper Fivio Foreign

“You win some, you lose some, but you live. You live to fight another day.” Pops, Friday

On Friday (Oct. 21), Fivio Foreign was asked about his recent performance during the Brooklyn Nets halftime show as they played the New Orleans Pelicans last Wednesday (Oct. 19). Adding insult to injury, the Nets lost by 22 (130-108.)

He became the butt of many jokes on social media following his performances of crowd-hyped songs “What’s My Name” and “Big Drip.”

However, to save face and provide some type of response to the backlash, Fivio said that his staff may have dropped the ball when it came to the audio and technical difficulties he was visibly going through.

Check out the clip below:

He said,

“That’s not really my production team, that was a different team I don’t really use all the time. I did the soundcheck, sh**t was good at soundcheck. I just gotta use my production team from now on,” he told TMZ.

The 32-year-old New York native went on to say that he believed the Barclays Center played a primary hand for the poor-quality sound,

“But you know, I f**k with them. I f**k with the Barclays, you know what I’m saying? I f**k with the Nets, and I wouldn’t want to let Brooklyn down. … I don’t want to let the town down. I’ma have to redo that s**t,” he added.

As many know, performers often use what’s called an in-ear monitor that allows the artist to hear themselves despite surrounding noise. Fivio appeared to be rapping ahead of the tracks causing reactionary delays,

“What I think what happened was, it was lower than the crowd or something. I don’t know, it was good at soundcheck,” the Grammy nominee explained.

However, in true “I just learned a lesson,” he is not down for the count,

“It happened to me one other time … when I performed at one of the Donda[events] with Ye,” he said.

He continued,

“The same type of s**t happened. The s**t was, like, off. So I wasn’t really tripping, I know how people be talking already, so I [won’t] be tripping off that.”

Check is full words below:

Emil Flemmon

Èmil Flemmon is the Managing Editor for the 360 Baseline Movement. The Atlanta-based editor, red carpet interviewer, writer, and photographer, has had a career spanning over a decade in the editorial industry. His work has been featured in Kontrol Magazine, The Atlanta Voice, Blavity, Aspire TV, REVOLT, The Jasmine Brand, and Where Y'at Magazine in New Orleans. His mission is to help journalists and publicists have better connectivity and relationships exclusively through the movement.

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