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360 Baseline Movement Inc

360 is a nonprofit publishing platform created to be a resource for people looking for quality news & information that leads to insight, inspiration, and solutions.

Our goal is to contribute to popular conversations of issues & inspirations, and then turn them into engaging material worth viewing via solution-oriented articles, videos, and other digital formats.

With over 40 years of journalistic experiences combined in industries such as Entertainment, Art, Film, Music, TV, Fashion, Community, and Social Issues, we are destined to bring you value and stand out from your typical news outlets.

Join us as we strive to be a leading news outlet focused on the right things.


To be a paragon in digital publishing for audiences in need of enjoyable insight & inspiration beyond the chatter for entertainment, art, and community.

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Editorial Mission

Our editorial mission is to be an honest, trusted, and valuable source in the entertainment industry & the creative art industry for the betterment of our audiences and communities. 

As a nonprofit organization, we we value community over profits; integrity-based approach to editorial publishing; and fair & honest reporting in news releases.

Ethics, Standards, & Corrections


Our organizational ethics philosophy is to place high importance on honest &  trustworthy publishing with integrity for the betterment of society and communities.

To help ensure we consistently represent our philosophy, we incorporate procedures including: 

  • ◉ Screenings for ethics, morals, and organizational culture fit for new talent
  • ◉ Mandatory training for new hires
  • ◉ Ongoing development for new and experienced journalists publishing on 360 Baseline Movement’s platform

To send a review or feedback regarding ethical, integral, and quality publishing efforts, users can reach us at


To maintain quality publishing standards, we have implemented multi-step processes and quality control systems in our editorial process. These systems places emphasis on quality research; multiple review processes; accurate reporting requiring authors experience when needed, due diligence controls, and fact-checking; utilizing credible sources; and implementing policies for writers.

Industry colleagues and professionals can inquire more about our standards at [email protected].


We welcome any notices or feedback on corrections for any material that we create and publish. Our accountability standard correction process is to recognize, review, correct, and improve. 

Error & incorrection observation reports can be sent to [email protected] with the article link, the error in question, and the proposed correction

Publishing Process

Our editorial publishing process:
  • Article Topic Selection Assessment

  • Article Requirements Setting

  • Draft Creation

  • Initial Quality Checks with Fact Checking

  • Copy Editing & Proofing

  • Revision & Improvements

  • Final Publication Review

  • Article Publication

  • Post Review & Evaluation
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