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Celebrity News Stories Category covers top curated news of celebrities in the entertainment industry in the areas of film, movies, TV, and music.

360 Baseline Movement’s celebrity news coverage focus is to write engaging news stories without the noise or factors that our readers will less likely be able to learn from.

Our goal is to cover issues and contribute to conversations that entertain, inform, engage, and lead to deeper insight.

Topics include:

  • Artists, actors, musicians, and contributor’s creative projects
  • Celebrity relationships in the entertainment industry
  • Celebrity stories leading to broader societal conversations
  • Community involvement, philanthropy, and impact

Journalists covering celebrity stories strive to contribute to inclusion initiatives by covering stories from a variety of cultural backgrounds. This includes but is not limited to Black American celebrities, Asian American celebrities, Latin American celebrities, and mainstream celebrities. In this, we hope to bring together a diverse audience from different backgrounds for the good of society and our community.