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In The Latest Entertainment News Of All Things Bill Cosby

Embattled comedian Bill Cosby is back under scrutiny for a new lawsuit stemming from five women, according to TMZ.

The allegations from the complaint details that the women involved were sexually assaulted by the actor.

TMZ’s copy of the suit claims that Cosby paraded as a mentor to the victims who were trying to get a footing in the entertainment industry during the 80s and 90s era. However, he proved to have other motives.

Cindra Laddy, Jewel Gittens, Lili Bernard, Eden Tirl and Jennifer Thompson cites the veteran actor’s predatorial actions were based on them being at an impressionable age as they navigated their way into entertainment.

The Accusers Claims

Each of the plaintiff’s involved had dealings with the hit sitcom show. Gittens contended that the 85-year-old assaulted her while at her home as the two discussed a role on his show. He then coerced her to masturbate him and raped her after giving her medicine guised to treat a headache.

Bernard was a guest in 1992 episode. She described her interaction with Cosby saying he assaulted and drugged her on numerous occasions. Bernard also recounted a time where he tried to smother her with a pillow after awakening during a rape.

Bernard also said that when she threatened to report Cosby to the authorities, he physically pushed her down a flight of stairs and used his star power to end her career opportunities. Fearing for her safety, she opted not to file a police report.

Tirl whose small roll on the show alleged that an employee on the show “escorted” her out of a dressing room after fondling and inappropriately groping parts of her body,

“This is making love,” she said according to the suit.

Andrew Wyatt, a representative for Cosby, responded to the lawsuit saying the latest victims are not new nor are their claims.

He believes that each of the women only filed the “frivolous” suit due to dissatisfaction of Cosby’s conviction overturn by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court case. Wyatt also credits the ladies’ efforts in pursuit of justice, to be nothing less of ploy for financial gain.

Cosby has since denied all allegations.

Emil Flemmon

Èmil Flemmon is the Managing Editor for the 360 Baseline Movement. The Atlanta-based editor, red carpet interviewer, writer, and photographer, has had a career spanning over a decade in the editorial industry. His work has been featured in Kontrol Magazine, The Atlanta Voice, Blavity, Aspire TV, REVOLT, The Jasmine Brand, and Where Y'at Magazine in New Orleans. His mission is to help journalists and publicists have better connectivity and relationships exclusively through the movement.

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