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The fans have spoken, right?

Rapper Joey Badass has returned to Power Book III: Raising Kanan due to fervent fan demand. Following a dramatic episode where fans believed his character, Unique, met his demise at the hands of Ronnie, portrayed by Grantham Coleman, viewers expressed outrage and disappointment.

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The sentiment even extended to Joey’s father, who took the drastic step of canceling his Starz subscription in protest. Joey recounts how his father’s frustration grew as the search for Unique’s body dragged on in subsequent episodes.

“He’s a big fan of the show. He called me after he’s seen Episode 6 and he’s like, ‘It’s been two weeks and they still ain’t find the body? I’m canceling my subscription,’” per Complex. “And I thought he was playing and so he called me the next week after watching Episode 7. He’s like, ‘Yeah, I just canceled my subscription.’”

Beyond his father, numerous fans threatened to boycott the show if Unique was truly gone. Joey’s character has captivated audiences since Season 1, initially as Raquel Thomas’ formidable rival in the drug trade, evolving into a complex figure entwined in a romantic relationship with her. Despite a hiatus due to scheduling conflicts with his tour, Joey and the show’s creator, Sascha Penn, reached an agreement for Unique’s return, culminating in a surprising reappearance in the Season 3 finale.

He detailed how he felt after learning fans were not content with his character’s sudden disappearance from the show stating,

“It definitely was an eye-opener for me. I mean, I always knew that Unique was somewhat of a fan favorite, but I think that became very evident and clear with the event of his hypothetical death. I received a lot of flowers and praise for what I’ve done with this character. So that was cool to see knowing that I was coming back the whole time.” 

Did You Know?

As per findings from a YouGov survey, a significant portion of U.S. adults tend to delay watching streaming originals until the series finale airs. Reasons cited include concerns about potential cancellation with unresolved endings (27%) or the desire to avoid waiting for the next season after a cliffhanger (24%). Among those who opt to wait until a series concludes before starting it, nearly half (48%) express a preference for binge-watching shows.

Furthermore, the survey highlights that almost half of Americans (46%) occasionally or consistently postpone watching a show until its finale. Within this trend, the age group of 18-to-34-year-olds emerges as particularly inclined, with 25% stating they always wait and 34% indicating they sometimes do.

Moreover, the survey underscores that a substantial portion (31%) of U.S. adults who utilize streaming services for original shows reported that one to three shows they began watching since February 2022 had been canceled, often leaving unresolved plotlines.

Additionally, the survey identifies a gender discrepancy, with women in the U.S. (50%) more likely than men (46%) to wait until a show concludes entirely, driven by a preference for uninterrupted binge-watching across all seasons.

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