Alexa, play “Signs of Love Making” by Tyrese. Amazon Prime’s Cosmic Love is on to something.

Move over Love Is Blind, there’s a new dating sheriff in these streaming streets.

Cosmic Love is the latest dating show added to Amazon’s Prime lineup. Debuting on Aug. 12, the 10-episode arc takes on a playful yet familiar dating question“So, what’s your sign?”

The social experiment involves four contenders that embody the Elements. Think about the group Earth, Wind, and Fire but now you have to add Air to the group.

With the singles in place, each representing the Elements, they are able to search for a compatible mate using astrology as a guide among a collective of 16 singles.

The Elements romantic experiment takes place at a retreat known as the Astro Chamber. The cosmic-inspired technology is narrated by A Different World alum, Cree Summer. Best-selling authors Talia and Ophira Edut (The Astro Twins) will help the singles navigate their journey.

Check out the trailer below:

According to a study, 27 percent of Americans, including adults under 30, believe in astrology and how it affects their lives. However, 22 percent are either skeptics or don’t participate in the belief that signs dictate one’s behavior.

The survey also revealed that 30 percent of women are more likely to invest in astrology than men by a five percent difference (25 percent). Either way, the entertainment factor is still appealing for small-talk conversations.

Let’s meet the cast. Shall we?

Caleb McDonell, Ana Miranda
James Clark + Amazon Prime

Caleb McDonnell, 28, Pisces (Left)

Raised in Ireland but moved to the United States at 21. He resides in Delray Beach, Florida, and works in real estate.

Ana Miranda, 29, Pisces (Right)

The San Diego native works as a bartender and bottle service waitress. She enjoys the hospitality industry and is an adrenaline junkie.

Connor Shennan, Maria Rodriguez
James Clark + Amazon Prime

Connor Shennan, 27, Gemini (Left)

Shennan grew up in a close-knit family in Michigan, now lives in Phoenix, and works as a wildland firefighter.

Maria Rodriguez, 28, Capricorn (Right)

Raised in New York City, Rodriguez works as a professional makeup artist and owns M Beauty Party. With a Dominican and Puerto Rican heritage and boss mentality, she most likely will soften her exterior if her partner is intuned emotionally. Surrendering won’t be a problem if her match is mild-mannered.

Noel Allen, Adrianna Raphaela
James Clark + Amazon Prime

Noel Allen, 31, Pisces (Left)

Allen was raised in New Jersey but currently lives in Tampa. He dreams of having his own family. However, relatable to some, he shows conflict with his desires to be free like the fish while longing for security. A paradox of many Pisces men that can be frustrating to their love interests. Whew! He currently works as a personal trainer. \

Adrianna Raphaela, 25, Sagittarius (Right)

She is a molecular biologist, model, and actress from Boca Raton, Florida. Raphaela is also the founder and CEO of Tres Angeles Swim, a unisex swimwear brand.

Christopher J. Essex,Christopher Jones (CJ)
James Clark + Amazon Prime

Christopher J. Essex, 26, Pisces (Left)

The Nashville residence is country-down to the core. He works as an artist in film and music. Essex is also a dancer in the show Ranch Hands Cowboylesque.

Christopher Jones, 29, Sagittarius (Right)

Jones is a Baltimore-born and raised native. He currently attends law school at the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to corporate law, he enjoys fitness and yoga.

Chris Ragusa, Danae Despain
James Clark + Amazon Prime

Chris “Goose” Ragusa,27, Leo (Left)

The engineer from Connecticut currently resides in Florida. He’s more of the “life of the party.” So many of his close friends and family would love to see what his romantic commitment level looks like.

Danae DeSpain, 32, Leo (Right)

The Bend, Oregon beauty now lives out of her suitcase as she travels the world. DeSpain worked in social marketing and real estate. However, she’s currently focused on creating a cosmic-inspired lifestyle brand.

Cosmic Love
James Clark + Amazon Prime

Phoebe Davis, 28, Leo (Left)

Originally from Spokane, Washington, the fitness model runs a marketing business and wellness brand called “Flexing Phoebs.” She works to empower women to love their bodies and grow to new heights in self-care.

Darren Hopes, 26, Scorpio (Right)

The Houston native is a realtor by profession. He enjoys moments with friends and exploring new restaurants in his city. Hopes’ mother’s kitchen isn’t a bad idea either. Talk about growing up in the south!

Cosmic Love
James Clark + Amazon Prime

Jasmine Rodulfo, 24, Cancer (Left)

The Bronx native works in social media marketing. She now resides in Dallas and enjoys traveling. Rodulfo used to compete in pageants spanning a whole decade.

David Christopher, 34, Aquarius (Right)

A native of Los Angeles and the CEO of his own streaming TV network, Christopher loves fitness and music and trains in mixed martial arts.

Cosmic Love
James Clark + Amazon Prime

Phillip Neward, 29, Capricorn (Left)

This New York City native and real estate investor lives between NYC and Cape Cod. He’s family-oriented, and loves nature, water activities, and traveling. Neward is also involved with charities that give back to the community.

Javier McIntosh, 33, Capricorn (Right)

The Atlanta resident owns McIntosh Bros Productions. Outside of filmmaking interests, the ambitious goat values work perhaps a lot more than love. Hopefully, McIntosh can find the balance he needs for success in the search for love.

Cosmic Love
James Clark + Amazon Prime

Jazmin Potts,27, Gemini (Left)

The New York native works as a stylist for natural hair and makeup. She’s the owner of a beauty platform called Native Beauty. She loves a good sushi joint and “laughing at her own jokes.”

Yana Orlova, 29, Aquarius (Right)

The Ukraine native works in the nightlife industry filled with constant socialism. She loves art and poetry and currently resides in New York City.

Cosmic Love
James Clark + Amazon Prime

Theresa Vongkhamchanh, 30, Scorpio (Left)

The Nashville native still resides in her country-esque hometown. She works as social media manager for a beauty and wellness brand.

Morgan Raphael, 29, Virgo (Right)

We all know Beyonce and the late Michael Jackson are perfectionists. Raphael may not be far behind with her interest in self-improvement and wellness. The New Jersey native now lives and works in Chicago.

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