Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss and her husband, Todd Tucker, was named in a lawsuit stemming from a 2020 shooting in the Camp Creek Marketplace. 

The couple’s co-owned and popular franchise, Old Lady Gang, originally opened in 2018 in the East Point suburb of Atlanta. OLG would later become an instant eatery to visit thanks to the show’s popularity.

However, on Feb. 14, 2020, Tammy Johnson and her daughter, Kiya Humphries, were visiting the shopping plaza with three other relatives when shots were fired near the front entrance of the restaurant. 

Local news station, 11 Alive, talked to the East Point Police Department regarding the circumstances,

“Once [police] got there, we determined that at least three people were shot. What happened was, a male entered the business, and shot another male inside, the EPPD said.

According to court documents, Johnson and her family witnessed a disagreement take place in the parking lot before they attempted to enter the establishment,

“While waiting to be seated at Old Lady Gang, a man wearing a red tracksuit entered Old Lady Gang and was near the front of the restaurant,” the suit detailed. “Shortly afterward, a second man entered Old Lady Gang.”

Humphries, who was then 14 at the time, was shot in her right calf by “the man wearing the red tracksuit.”

As a result of her injuries, the teenager has had to get physical and emotional help following the horrible ordeal, 

“Kiya Humphries has experienced severe physical and emotional pain and suffering as a result of the gunshot wound, she sustained,” per court documents. “She reportedly suffered a gunshot wound that required outpost medical treatment, including multiple surgeries, therapy, and counseling to heal from the traumatic experience.”

In addition to Burruss and Tucker’s restaurant being named in the lawsuit, the owners of the Camp Creek shopping plaza and their hired security are listed in the complaint. 

The family claims to have not known of the ongoing reports of crime including robberies and assaults in the area. Therefore, they are seeking monetary compensation for negligence and lack of security for the sake of shopper safety.

The Chi actress took to Instagram a day later (Feb. 15) and addressed the matter saying,

“My family and I are truly saddened by the unfortunate events that occurred at Old Lady Gang (OLG) Camp Creek, on the evening of February 14th, an evening that was meant to celebrate love, [but] unfortunately, turned into something quite different,” she said. “Our prayers and thoughts go out to the individuals that were harmed or in any way negatively impacted.”

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Emil Flemmon

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