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In The Latest Entertainment News Of All Things Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor addresses widespread headlines surrounding her separation from husband Iman Shumpert, speaking out for the first and final time. Multiple outlets revealed details from the singer’s divorce petition after seven years of marriage.

Having started their relationship in 2013, the couple celebrated a decade together. Their engagement was announced in 2015, culminating in marriage in 2016. The versatile creative is a parent to two daughters with the former NBA player: Iman “Junie” Tayla Shumpert Jr., aged 7, and Rue Rose Shumpert, aged 3.

Per reports, the singer took to social media (Nov. 24) to address the matter saying,

“I mind my business, don’t bother nobody [and] y’all know I’ve never played about my children, family and our privacy,” she wrote. “I have not spoken on this private matter to any media outlets or blogs, etc. So everyone claiming, ‘Teyana said’ didn’t get any statements directly from me. These statements were taken from private court documents that were leaked to the public.”

She continued,

“It is very heartbreaking that someone would take out the time to make such a private matter public for the world to see. However, protecting my family is one thing I’ve always done, [and] for my children, I will continue to do so,” the singer stated. “Please, if y’all love y’all play nieces Junie [and] Rue like y’all have shown, please allow myself [and] my family some privacy to resolve this matter in peace.”


Back in April 2022, Taylor and Shumpert covered EBONY where she gave insight on blog sites saying,

“I absolutely intend to pursue legal action—not because I’m looking to win a ton of money—but, merely because people have to start understanding that this is not ok! Their malicious actions and recklessness need to heed some sort of repercussions. Intending to attempt to ruin someone’s life for a story is just simply not ok. I’m not your clickbait. PERIOD!” 

According to TMZ, court documents that were filed in Georgia, Taylor cited “Shumpert “treating her cruelly and displaying extreme narcissistic behavior throughout the majority of their marriage.”

Getting Educated On Being Involved With A Narcist

While communities have now adopted the word “narcist” in an effort to define many men, some people still may lack an understanding about the behavior.

According to Mitten Law’s description of having a narcissistic partner, it’s important to learn how one can be dangerous to you.

Self-centered. Egotistic. Cruel. These are common descriptors in a deteriorating marriage. While some couples face challenges due to mutual discord, in certain instances, one spouse may embody all the self-centered, egotistic, and unkind traits. In such cases, you might be married to a narcissist. The process of divorcing a narcissist differs from a standard divorce due to their heightened controlling behaviors, making it challenging for those married to narcissists to initiate separation.

Living with a narcissistic spouse poses various challenges, affecting your emotional well-being and relationships. A narcissist demands constant attention, making you feel isolated and alone in your marriage. This self-centered behavior becomes evident when they express anger or even violence when you spend time with others. Divorcing a narcissist is a unique process, hindered by societal biases that often downplay such behaviors in men.

Lack of empathy and sympathy characterizes a narcissistic spouse, who may be indifferent or belittling of your achievements and struggles to appreciate the accomplishments of others, even their own children. This lack of emotional connection extends to the workplace, where a narcissistic spouse may struggle to maintain steady employment due to their need for constant validation.

Additionally, narcissists isolate their partners from friends and family to maintain control, driven by deep-seated self-loathing. Divorcing a narcissist becomes especially challenging when deciding custody, as they may use children as a weapon to exert control. Infidelity is another common issue, as the narcissistic spouse seeks external validation and often justifies multiple affairs, creating further complexities in the relationship. Living with a narcissist proves to be a challenging journey, marked by emotional turmoil and potential harm.

Emil Flemmon

Èmil Flemmon is the Managing Editor for the 360 Baseline Movement. The Atlanta-based editor, red carpet interviewer, writer, and photographer, has had a career spanning over a decade in the editorial industry. His work has been featured in Kontrol Magazine, The Atlanta Voice, Blavity, Aspire TV, REVOLT, The Jasmine Brand, and Where Y'at Magazine in New Orleans. His mission is to help journalists and publicists have better connectivity and relationships exclusively through the movement.

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