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In The Latest Entertainment News Of All Things Candice Dillard

Fans have watched the Real Housewives of Potomac star rise in her singing career, having a collaboration with Miami’s own rapper Trina, appearing in tv-made films, and walking the red carpet at this year’s Soul Train awards.

This time, she joins fellow reality star Erica Mena (Love & Hip-Hop) in the new series Hush, exclusively on AllBlk.

Check out what 360’s very own Malik Pollard had to say after attending a screening at D.C.’s Howard Theater.

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Curiosity may have killed the cat, but AllBlk’s new series Hush, produced by Octet Productions, makes it all worth it.  When I first watched the screener for this pretty hot and tempting series, adjectives like Sexy, Sensual, Seductive, and a lot of other “S” words came to mind. 

The show has its share of intimate scenes, and there is definitely a lot of that going on in this series, but what really drew me into this series is the SUSPENSE (yet another “S” word).

The writers and directors masterfully got my attention from the very first opening scene and gave an “in your face” jolt of drama. They understood that once they can get you to put down your phone, and pay attention, you are hooked. Side Bar: Why do we look at our phones while watching television?

Now that you have my attention, and the setup, the writers were able to keep me fully vested by teasing each of the main character’s backstories.

I found myself saying and conversing with my girlfriend (who often watches shows with me) about the characters and saying, “Oh I need to know what the hell is she hiding,” or “Oh she’s scandalous.”

Having thoughts like that showed me how the show gave just enough to keep an audience wanting to come back for more, weekly.

Brief Character Overview

First, you have Syleena played by Dillard who’s the ride-or-die wife that breaks ALL the rules and starts a lot of controversies. While this isn’t always a good thing for being a likable character, it’s fun to watch Sylenna unravel in the show.  Not every character you root for, but she’s definitely one to watch. 

Next, you have Jordan portrayed by Caryn Ward. Her character keeps you on the edge of your seat. Between her secrets and sneaky behavior, audiences will await her exposure. As the saying goes, “All things that happen in the dark will soon come to light.”

Photo + Mike Ware/M&M Photography

Erica Mena plays Gina, a character I found myself rooting for. She’s no saint and she ‘ain’t’ squeaky clean, but I feel for her. I admit I had my reservations about Mena’s acting chops for the show. However, she manages to flesh out her role quite nicely. 

I saved the best of the messiness for last. Veteran actress Joyful Drake takes on the role of Draya. Now listen, I wouldn’t trust Draya further than I could throw her. She sure does have everyone wrapped around her finger, especially Q (Rob Gordon). 

Overall, Hush has a combination of scandal, suspense, secrecy, and seduction making it an enjoyable watch to add to one’s television line-up. New episodes are available on the streaming app every Thursday.

Photo + Mike Ware/M&M Photography




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