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In The Latest News Of Celebrity Influencers

In the upcoming second season of “The Impact Atlanta,” Atlanta’s most influential figures step into the spotlight. The new season features a stellar lineup, including Jayda Cheaves, Ari Fletcher, Quality Control and Motown Records talent Lakeyah, Jerrika Karlae, Dess Dior, Tuson Jewell, and Dionte “Tae” Gray. The highly anticipated docuseries is set to premiere on BET+ on Thursday, October 5th.

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360 was able to catch up with  influencer Fletcher and get her feedback on her rise in the social media fabric. Boasting an impressive Instagram following of almost six million, categorizing Fletcher solely as a social media influencer may indeed downplay her impact. In her candid conversation with Bilal and Millings, she chronicled her journey from local popularity in Chicago to nationwide recognition. She emphasized,

“I’m relatable. On Instagram, there are countless individuals with millions of followers, but not all possess genuine influence.” She stated matter-of-factly, “Be authentic, but true influence is a realm inhabited by only a select few, and I am one of them.”

In the dynamic world of celebrity culture, a group of influential individuals has emerged, transcending the boundaries of fame and recognition. These black celebrity influencers are not only shaping trends but also using their platforms to inspire change and celebrate diversity. Their reach extends far beyond red carpets and movie screens, impacting society, business, and activism.

When it comes to advice, the influencer had this to say,

“Don’t stop. And if it feels uncomfortable, keep doing it because everything seems a little uncomfortable. And when you feel like it’s uncomfortable, you be like, I don’t want to do it. Just keep going. If it’s something that you truly desire to do, I think that you should keep pushing through it because it was uncomfortable for me at first,” she said. “It’s like if you want to be an Internet personality, but if you can’t take comments well, like people talking shit about you that is uncomfortable now, you shouldn’t do it because people do be doing crazy stuff behind bad comments because everybody can’t take that. But you got to just have really tough skin and just go through a tunnel vision. Like, don’t pay attention to nothing on the outside.”

A New Era of Influence:

Black celebrity influencers represent a new era of influence that extends beyond traditional media. Social media platforms have enabled them to connect directly with their fans and advocate for important causes. They use their voices to highlight social injustices, promote inclusivity, and empower their communities.

Entertainment Icons with a Purpose:

Prominent black celebrity influencers include entertainers like Oprah Winfrey, who has built an empire of influence with her media ventures and philanthropic work. Oprah’s Book Club, for instance, has introduced millions to powerful literary works that address crucial social issues.

Similarly, actor and producer Tyler Perry has made an indelible mark on the entertainment industry with a dedication to telling diverse stories. His influence goes beyond Hollywood; it reaches into communities through charitable work and financial support.

Fashion and Beauty Leaders:

In the world of fashion and beauty, figures like Rihanna have revolutionized the industry. Her Fenty Beauty line is celebrated for its inclusivity, with a wide range of products that cater to all skin tones. Through her brand, she champions diversity and empowers individuals to embrace their unique beauty.

Sports and Activism:

The sports world has witnessed the rise of black celebrity influencers who use their platforms to champion causes close to their hearts. LeBron James, for instance, is not only a basketball legend but also a tireless advocate for education and social justice. He founded the “I PROMISE School” to provide educational opportunities for at-risk children.

Music as a Force for Change:

In the realm of music, BeyoncĂ© is an exemplar of using art for activism. Her visual album “Lemonade” addressed themes of race, feminism, and social justice, sparking important conversations. Her influence reaches well beyond the charts as she leverages her platform for change.

Social Media and Digital Pioneers:

The digital age has given rise to a new wave of black celebrity influencers, often referred to as social media influencers. Figures like Issa Rae have harnessed the power of YouTube and Instagram to create groundbreaking content that resonates with their communities.

Advocacy for Inclusivity:

Many black celebrity influencers share a common goal: to advocate for inclusivity and dismantle systemic biases. They challenge stereotypes and work towards a more equitable world where everyone has an opportunity to thrive. Their influence helps to redefine societal standards.

The Power of Authenticity:

What sets these influencers apart is their authenticity. They use their personal experiences and platforms to create relatable content and promote genuine change. Their connection with their audiences goes beyond mere endorsement; it’s built on trust and shared values.

Black celebrity influencers represent a transformative force in the realms of entertainment, fashion, sports, and activism. Their reach and impact extend far beyond their respective industries, shaping culture, driving change, and empowering individuals worldwide. As society continues to evolve, their voices and influence will play an increasingly vital role in shaping the world we live in.

Emil Flemmon

Èmil Flemmon is the Managing Editor for the 360 Baseline Movement. The Atlanta-based editor, red carpet interviewer, writer, and photographer, has had a career spanning over a decade in the editorial industry. His work has been featured in Kontrol Magazine, The Atlanta Voice, Blavity, Aspire TV, REVOLT, The Jasmine Brand, and Where Y'at Magazine in New Orleans. His mission is to help journalists and publicists have better connectivity and relationships exclusively through the movement.

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