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Whoever said superhero movies are losing steam, must have been watching the wrong train engine. In fact, even lesser know heroes are getting their own solo films.

Today, Warner Bros. has released its first trailer for “Blue Beetle,” starring “Cobra Kai” star, Xolo Maridueña!

Xolo Mariduena Blue Beetle
Xolo Mariduena as “Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle”

In the film Xolo Maridueña portrays Jaime Reyes, a college graduate who returns home hopeful and eager to make a change, but soon finds nothing is the same. As he seeks to find his place in the world he stumbles across “The Scarab,” a piece of sentient, alien biotechnology that grants him a wide array of superpowers in addition to being an otherworldly suit of armor that would make Iron Man blush! In the comics he is a popular teen hero, serving on DC Comics’ Teen Titans.

The Cast of “Blue Beetle”

Starring alongside Xolo are driana Barraza (Rambo: Last Blood, Thor) as Jaime’s grandmother, Nana, Damían Alcázar (Narcos franchise) as his father, Elpidia Carrillo (Mayans M.C., the Predator films) as his mother, Bruna Marquezine (Maldivas, God Save the King) as Jenny Kord, Raoul Max Trujillo (the Sicario films, Mayans M.C.) as Carapax, with Oscar winner Susan Sarandon (Dead Man Walking) as Victoria Kord, and George Lopez (the Rioand Smurf franchises) as Jaime’s Uncle Rudy. The film also stars Belissa Escobedo (American Horror Stories, Hocus Pocus 2) as Jaime’s sister, Milagro, and Harvey Guillén (What We Do in the Shadows) as Dr. Sanchez.

Who Is Victoria Kord?

Susan Sarandon Blue Beetle Victoria Kord
Susan Sarandon starring as
“Victoria Kord” in Blue Beetle Movie

Victoria Kord serves as the film’s villain, a woman with a scarab of her own determined to take down Jaime and take over Kord Industries for herself. In the comics, Victoria is Ted Kord’s (the second Blue Beetle) sister, who although is not necessarily a villain is very serious and does not care for her brother’s adventurous lifestyle and his close relationship with a fellow superhero, Booster Gold.

Blue Beetle is set to debut on August 18th, for now, check out the trailer below!

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