Rihanna is one of the greatest artists of our time.

Thus, it is no surprise she has been tapped, and agreed to headline Super Bowl LVII’s Halftime Show! Rihanna has dozens of hit songs but there are only so many she can perform during the segment’s allotted twelve minutes.

Usually artists choose a medley of their biggest, but there are five songs Rihanna should do turn to make this a show to remember!

Rihanna’s Best Songs for Super Bowl LVII’s Halftime Show

rihanna 360 baseline

  1. “Pon De Replay” was one of Rihanna’s earliest hits and definitely one of her catchiest songs. It is the personification of her as the young artist and new voice we came to love and enjoy. The nostalgia here will bring people to their feet!
  2. “We Found Love,” besides also being catchy was one of the biggest club bangers of its time. You could not go anywhere fun and hear this tune on repeat! We know she will have some amazing backup dancers behind her with a routine that will only enhance the vibe of this song!
  3. “Work” is one of Rihanna’s mega-hits, and no performance showing off a medley of her greatest hits will be complete without it! From memes and parties, and concerts this song is a hit that automatically makes you bob your head.
  4. “Diamonds” is truly an iconic song. It shows us a softer side of Rihanna and showcases a wider range in her vocals. It is nostalgic, catchy, and powerful above all else.
  5. “Umbrella” is Rihanna’s signature song. This hit took her from “just another pop artist,” to a household name. This set her on the path to becoming a beauty mogul and trendsetter when she shed her locks and wowed us with a bob! You actually feel like you’re shining right along with Rihanna whenever she is performing this!

rihanna umbrella

You might argue that there are other hits just as big, or equal, to the aforementioned list. However, these give all the feels of her discography across the years. We are not sure who she will share the stage with as she undoubtedly gives us an amazing performance at next year’s Halftime Show, but we will keep you posted!

What songs do you feel are missing from the list? We would love to hear your opinion!

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