Wakanda is still the place to be in the Marvel Universe! However, there’s still so much we don’t know about this fictional and technologically advanced African nation. One fan is looking to fix that!

Shaun Harrison created  realistic conceptual art for a Black Panther prequel, “Bashenga: The First Black Panther;” centered on T’Challa and Shuri’s ancestor, the first king of Wakanda who united its warring Wakandan tribes into a nation.

Needless to say the conceptual art has gone viral with fans calling on Marvel Studios to bring it into the Marvel Cinematic Universe!Wakana

The conceptual art uses Black stars and artists like John Boyega as Bashenga, Burna Boy as W’Tene, leader of The River Tribe, Brian Tyree Henry reprising his role as the genius and inventor of the immortal Eternals,  and Doechii as Bask a villain, who in modern times is an enemy of Wakanda.


Harrison even picked artists for the fictional/hypothetical soundtrack:

We have to say we are here for this conceptual fan art. The realism and casting behind it are real and powerful. Perhaps to understand Wakanda and the Black Panther fully, we need to understand their origins. There is much to question. For example, why is The Jabari Tribe such an outlier in Wakandan politics? How did they manage to refashion the vibranium into advanced weaponry? How did the Bashenga discover the heart-shaped herb that grants him and his descendants their superhuman abilities?

In addition, a prequel allows a little more time from (spoiler alert) Prince T’Challa to grow up a little as we watch him eventually take over the thrown left vacant by his father’s untimely demise and his aunt’s unwillingness to be queen. It also could introduce us to The Shadow Cabinet, a group supervillains and enemies of the Black Panther determined to overthrow Wakanda and control its resources. In the past Killmonger, Bask, and M’Baku (in the canon Marvel Comics) have members of the organization.

What are your thoughts on “Bashenga: The First Black Panther?” Would you pull up in 2024 to see it? Sound off in our comments’ section below.


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