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All-American: Homecoming dropped its second season premiere this past Monday and it is filled with drama!

In the premiere, it’s almost New Years’ Eve, and All-American’s Spencer (Daniel Ezra) and Jordan (Michael Evans Behling) hang with the Bringston crew while in Atlanta for a football game.

Meanwhile, Damon ponders transferring from Bringston while supporting Thea (Camille Hyde) through her physical rehab.

Cam (Mitchell Edwards) and Keisha (Netta Walker) are in an awkward space after he flaked on her during Christmas while he was back home in California.

Simone (Geffri Hightower) and Thea’s feud remains stronger than ever, and the former also struggles to fight for her spot on the tennis team while dealing with the fallout of her breakup with Jordan.

Elsewhere, Amara (Kelly Jenrette) assumes the role of president at Bringston while Marcus (Corey Hardrict) must decide what’s next for his life and career post drug rehab.

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What Will Happen in Season 2 of All-American: Homecoming?

With so much drama this season we can tell you there are going to be some major plot twists this upcoming season. Here are our predictions for Season 2 of All-American: Homecoming:

Simone will struggle with, but ultimately move onto, new dating territory since Damon is with Thea and Jordan is moving onto Layla (Greta Onieogu).

She will feel this space, albeit temporarily, with the attractive guy she made out with on New Years’ Eve. She and Damon will ultimately reunite at the end of the season.

Simone will prove her worth and keep her spot on the tennis team, while Thea earns another spot on the team when another teammate somehow falls off–plot twist!

Damon will not transfer from Bringston. Marcus will return as his coach, butting heads with his birth father, who is currently standing in as the baseball team’s coach.

He and Thea will continue to go strong until it comes to him not being able to tolerate her hate of Simone and determined, but overbearing nature.

He and his birth father will ultimately resolve their issues and he will himself open to a relationship with his birth family. This newfound willingness to give others a second chance will have him once again pursuing Simone.

Cam and Keisha will have to work through their respective feelings surrounding the loss of his football scholarship. It will weigh on their relationship until he finds a new way to cover his tuition, and Keisha will be quintessential in helping him find it.

The pair will both pursue their respective dreams while trying to figure out the changes in their lives makes them more or less compatible.

JR finds his family issues to be highly stressful, stuck between a rock and a hard place with his father and Damon. He will find comfort and solace with Nate (Rhoyle Ivy King), but struggle with his sexuality and the ostracism that comes from dating a non-binary person.

He will find acceptance from his friends, but his parents will be slow to accept this development. JR will also prove himself to be a leader on the team and work on his skills, eventually being on par with Damon.

Meanwhile Nate makes steps to become the journalist she wants to be, asserting all of her identities.

Amara will find her new role as president of Bringston stressful, especially as she balances her “auntie” role in the lives of Simone and her friends. She will succeed in keeping Damon from transferring by taking a risk and bringing Marcus back as head coach of the baseball team.

This will prove to be highly controversial based on his behavior and her romantic history with him. However, her leadership will prove positive and decisive, ultimately pulling Bringston through its financial crisis.

Moreover, Marcus will continue his mentorship of Damon and JR, supporting the latter with his new romantic relationship and salvaging his reputation by bringing the team to a much needed championship.

All-American: Homecoming is one of The CW’s biggest hits and we are more than glad to see it back. What do you think of our predictions for Season 2 of this series?

Sound off in the comments’ section below, and check out more of our stories in entertainment and celebrity news!


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