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On Oct. 12, Lil Baby sat down and chatted with Big Loon for the podcast The Experience With Big Loon. The Atlanta-bred rapper disclosed intimate details as it pertains to his life, his rap moniker versus the real him (Dominique Armani Jones), and what he likes in a partner.

When it comes to introducing people to Lil Baby as opposed to Dominique, Lil Baby told Big Loon, 

“I don’t really meet people on the Dominique level. Most of the people I meet [are] like Lil Baby. So, I leave it at Lil Baby.”

He added, 

“If we get to a level where I can introduce you Dominique, I don’t mind. But most people won’t get to that level.”

Big Loon went on to ask the 27 year old how he felt having an entourage that includes a “crew that doesn’t love” him, he said, 

“For sure, I don’t love their a** neither. I kno how this s**t goes. I ain’t oblivious to this at all. Before I got to this level, my eyes [are] open.”

When it comes to “arriving” in the industry, the “Wants and Needs” lyricist isn’t cheap when it comes to features. 

While he doesn’t collaborate heavily with different artists, it’ll cost anywhere between $250,000-300,000 for the rapper to hop on a track, 

“I don’t even be doing features [anymore],” he said.”But like $300,000, $350,000, $250,000, something like that.”

The Georgia native continued, 

 “Like now, I’m about to put out an album, but if I don’t [have] an album or nothing going on, [it’s] like, why not?”

In addition to his music, Lil Baby has been the talk of the town when it comes to his love life on social media and his co-parenting relationship with Jayda Cheaves. 

The pair met in Atlanta and were together for nearly six years. During an interview, Cheaves said the love is there between the two, but not a lot can be done at this time to move forward,

“He [does] love me, I must say, but… it’s just a lot of damage that has been done, as far as social media,” she said.

Prince Williams + WireImage/Getty Images

He’s also been linked to music colleague Saweetie over speculation that he dropped $100,000 on her during a New York shopping trip. However, he later denied the rumors in a now deleted tweet.

As of now, he appears to be single and living the life of his choice and his terms. When asked about what his type is, Lil Baby admitted that its changed a bit over time, 

“I like thick [girls]. I ain’t against skinny girls, but I used to be, though. I used to like light-skinned girls. Right now, skinny girls [are] cool.”

He added, 

“She [needs] to be able to do whatever,” in reference to “catching a vibe” with the rapper.

According to social psychologist Lorne Campbell, dropped a few gems it comes to people’s preferred “type.”

In his study, he concluded that more than likely, a person’s ex-partner or current partner ideally matches their “indicated preferences.” Which hints that one’s “type” may not drastically change, but is eligible to widen over time.

Campbell also determined that people who often look for “potential partners,” can miss the mark for a real relationship to mature. Having this mindset can make it challenging for people who often use a “preference” as a tool to determine a partner.

Lil Baby’s third studio album, It’s Only Me, dropped today (Oct. 14) on iTunes. Guest appearances include Nardo Wick, Young Thug, Future, Gunna and more.

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